10 easy ways to NOT choose plastic

Here are a few items we (almost) use daily.

How much do you still buy in its plastic form?

A while ago, I counted six. (And I didn’t even realized it at once.)

Of course, I know like everybody else that we swallow, breathe and bathe in plastic. As do animals. I‘ve seen the pictures of oceans and fish filled with trash and I know we pollute the world on a rapid scale. Yet, stores keep offering plastic products. And most people, me included, keep buying and using it. FAR LESS than before, of course. But still!

And why?

Buying more durable alternatives isn’t very hard or difficult for all of these products anymore. It’s also not (very much) more expensive. – Especially in the long run and if you count the (externalized) cost we are now paying for with our health. – Besides that, most of the ecological products last far longer, look much neater and make you feel so much better when you use them!

Still, those wiser alternatives are not yet used on a massive scale.

Truth is: habits are hard to beat. What we perceive as normal, stays normal for a long time. Until we truly see our own contribution and our own power. Fact is: we can change things ourselves. Today, if we want to.

That is why I made this drawing.

Please share (care).

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